Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Evil Dead(1981) Review


Sam Raimi's "The Evil Dead" tells the story of a group of college kids that rent out a cabin together. While on their vacation, they uncover a tape called "The Book Of The Dead," and it unleashes spirits in the woods that wreak havoc. As the young adults are now possessed, the normal ones must fight for their survival with no limits at all. 

The camera-work of this film was very important to the finished product, because it helped bring a mysterious mood. Cinematographer Tim Philo used the camera to capture the movements of the "Deadites" by doing quick turns and following the characters around. He also used tricks like slow motion very appropriately, making a visual triumph. 

Visual effects and gore are what have given this movie the reputation it has. This NC-17 bloodbath does not hold back on impaling characters, ripping off body parts, and chopping monsters with axes and chainsaws. Even with this brutality, it was done in a way so over the top that it wasn't too dreary. The makeup effects by Tom Sullivan were also gruesome, and the zombies looked convincing and fantastic. 

As I watched "The Evil Dead," I exposed myself to a masterpiece of the horror genre that I would have never expected. With a fantastic performance by Bruce Campbell, scenes that will have you laughing uncontrollably, and others that will leave you psychologically boggled, this movie hit a spot in the heart that not many others could. I totally recommend this film to any fans of horror, because it is truly the canon of its kind.